After iPhone4 Launch, AAPL Stock Quote & Apple Stock Prices Too High

Posted on 15 October 2011

After iPhone4 Launch, AAPL Stock Quote & Apple Stock Prices Too High: Inevitably, you or one of your friends has bought an iPhone4, which came out this week. Sure, that iPhone is going to be the next in the big time wave of technology that will infuse society both in America and all over the world. It’s no shock that the AAPL stock quote got as high as $422.86 per share and that it closed as high as it has ever closed at $422.00 per share. The increase of the stock has been remarkable, but we tend to think that Apple stock prices are just too high at this point.

Apple Stock is a fantastic long term investment to make. We aren’t going to deny that fact. There is no way that in the next decade that this company is going to lose money. However, we have to be realistic about some things right now.

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The whole wave of using the internet on your phone and all of this advanced technology is a market that a whole ton of companies are involved in. We all know about the resignation of Steve Jobs and his subsequent tragic death in the weeks that followed, which is also going to hurt this company. That being said, there’s nothing that says that the next big technological advance might not come via BlackBerry or some other company that proves to be a competitor of Apple.

There could be as many as 4,000,000 iPhone4s that end up getting sold, potentially just in this week. However, though analysts are bullish about this stock, we aren’t all that optimistic.

The economy has been stellar over the course of the past few weeks as well, which has also helped out AAPL stock prices. That being said, the general feeling right now in the economy is that the DOW Jones is overpriced at a close of $11,644.49. The coveted $12,000 barrier hasn’t been reached in quite some time, and the economy is still quite a ways away from where it was before the recession really hit.

We’re also very interested to see what the Apple dividend share is going to be in the near future. The team hasn’t paid a dividend in years, and investors who are seeing all of the profits for this company are calling for some sort of a dividend, much like some of the other fantastic stocks on the DOW Jones and the NASDAQ. The fact that dividends don’t seem to be on the horizon worries us as well, and until we see this company start to pay some dividends, we’re going to shy away from AAPL stock.

If you’re a short term investor, you’ll probably be able to make some money on AAPL stock over the course of the next few days. Long term investors will be making money on AAPL prices, but we tend to think that the boat has been missed. There are going to be better investments to make on the stock market to make than this.