Buy General Electric Stock, as GE Stock Price Sure To Rise

Posted on 25 October 2011

Buy General Electric Stock, as GE Stock Price Sure To Rise: The DOW Jones has had three straight incredibly strong days as we rally towards the start of November 2011. However, with the rise of the DOW Jones, there are some common stocks that just have not made their way to the forefront once again after the brutal depression crippled them. Today’s hot stock tip is for General Electric stock (NYSE: GE – Current Quote), as there is just nothing fundamentally wrong with this company, and there is no reason for the stock price to have stayed as low as it has over the past few years. It’s clear that you’re not just investing for the short term when you invest in GE stock. This is a company that has been around seemingly since the dawn of time, and for as long as the country needs power, GE is going to be there to provide it. We’re still probably decades away from solar power being a legitimate threat to this company, and even if it did, we are sure that the powers that be at GE would do whatever it takes to make sure that their stock doesn’t become totally worthless. Sure, if you had a piece of this stock in 1980 at $1.00 per share, you’d be in pretty darn nice shape right now, even after the depression struck. This stock has always paid a decent quarterly dividend (currently right around 3.5%), and its price is up 1600% over the course of just over 30 years.

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Of course, the real nosedive came in two stages for GE. The first came in 2002 and 2003, when the price of this stock went from right around $60 per share down to roughly $24 per share. Things rebounded until 2007, when prices dipped from $41 per share below $10 per share.

At that point, the DOW Jones was down in the dumps, and at the low point for GE stock, the exchange was in the 8,000 point range. Now, the DOW is up near 12,000 again, and it’s a wonder why GE’s stock hasn’t come back up at least into the $20 range in price. Generally speaking, earnings reports have been right on line, though not particularly spectacular over the past four quarters. Yet, in that time, with the DOW Jones mostly going in a bullish direction, we have seen a jump from $16 per share up to nearly $22 per share, but back down to the $16.45 that the stock closed at on Monday afternoon. The bottom line of what you can expect from GE is simple. This stock will historically earn you that 3.0 percent dividend and a growth that is generally on par with that of the DOW Jones. We’re still puzzled as to why investors aren’t pushing the price of this stock up at this point, and we think that this is the perfect time to buy for the long term if you are looking to invest in one of the sturdier companies in the American economy.