Using Coupon Cabin & Free Coupons: How To Become Like the Coupon Lady

Posted on 09 September 2011

Using Coupon Cabin & Free Coupons: How To Become Like the Coupon Lady: You know that you’ve been here. Someone is sitting in front of you in line at the supermarket, going through eight million coupons to make sure that every single last penny is saved. It’s annoying to you, and it’s annoying to the cashier, but when you really think about it, it really makes sense! Today, we’re going to talk about some ways that you can clip and save by using Coupon Cabin so you can become just like the Krazy Coupon Lady, who always finds ways to shop at ridiculously low prices!

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We’ll start with your local newspaper. Sure, newspapers are really out of touch at this point, as most people are just reading the news on the internet, and most of that news is being read via national sources, not local newspapers’ websites. However, especially your Sunday newspaper always contains a ton of valuable coupons that you really shouldn’t be passing up. Even if you can just clip out a few of those “Save $0.50” coupons, you’ll more than have made up for the value of your newspaper, and you get the benefit of actually having the rest of the product there as well to search through. By the way, don’t be afraid to buy multiple copies of the Sunday newspaper to have the same coupons two, three, four, or even more times!

Not only will you find coupons in your local newspapers’ advertisements, but you’ll also be privy to all of the specials that the various stores around town are running. There are certain items that you know that you’ll need regardless of what the week is, and you know that for the most part, it doesn’t matter whether you buy that product at Wal-Mart, Target, Publix, Albertson’s, or whatever local supermarket you have in your area…

Like milk! Milk is milk is milk is milk, right? It doesn’t matter who’s milk you buy, so scrounge around in the newspapers and see who’s milk is cheaper. In a majority of areas in the country, there are plenty of supermarket options within just a few mile radius, and even though it might seem like a pain to go to more than one store, it is always a good option to have to save a few bucks, especially when money is tight.

However, we’ll say that you prefer to use the internet to search for your coupons. That’s great, too! Before we start with that though, we have to issue a warning. A ton of internet coupon sites out there are scams and lead you to either bogus coupons or worse, web pages with viruses. The less malicious sites don’t always have coupons that you can use, though. Remember that just because Home Depot in North Carolina is offering 20% off of a particular product doesn’t mean that the Home Depot in Nevada is offering the same deal. Always be careful and read all of the fine print when clicking on your coupons.

One of the websites that we recommend is Coupon Cabin. (Below, you will find a list of other recommended websites for coupons!) There, you can find all sorts of safe coupons for all sorts of goodies, not just items at the supermarket. Many of these coupons don’t have expiration dates, and many are good both on the internet and in stores and restaurants across the country.

Another tip with coupons… eBay! That’s right, there are people that you can buy coupons from who have already done all of the clipping for you. You might be paying a couple bucks for hundreds of dollars worth of saving. Oh, and remember those extra newspapers you had? Don’t be afraid to turn around and put those coupons up on eBay to sell them as well, especially if you can find out if they are national coupons and not just local coupons.

And one last couponing tip to become like the Coupon Lady! Say that you’re going out to a restaurant, and you know where you want to go. Just go to Google and type of that restaurant and the word, “Coupon” after it. Right now, if you type in TGI Fridays Coupon, you have all sorts of options that come up that can save you either small dollar amounts, by one entree get another entree free, or percentages off from your bill!

Coupons might seem like a waste of time, but they are anything but. Start clicking and clipping today, and you’ll start to see and feel the benefits that couponing can have for you!

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