Black Friday Sales: Saving Money With Holiday Shopping Tips

Posted on 15 November 2011

Black Friday Sales: Saving Money With Holiday Shopping Tips: Shopaholics think that it is the best day of the year, maybe even better than Christmas morning itself. Others just refer to it as organized chaos and can’t be bothered. Either way you look at it, Black Friday is right around the corner, and here at Make Easy Money 365, we’re issuing some holiday shopping tips to prepare you for the madness that is known as the busiest shopping day of the year.

The best news about Black Friday is that not all stores require that you show up amongst the masses of humanity that appear at their store. Internet shopping has become the craze, and though there is even more traffic on the net to process orders, internet servers are generally a heck of a lot more efficient than human cashiers are.

Though some stores have gotten into the internet festivities, the best deals you’re going to find are via the Black Friday ads at the stores themselves. It’s almost sickening to think how much money you can save by shopping the day after Thanksgiving at some of these stores.

One of the showcase items that Sears is offering in the Sears Black Friday ad is a Zenith 50″ plasma TV. Of course, they’re claiming that the retail price is $649.99 and you can get the TV at $499.99 only on Black Friday. Of course, if you scrounge around on the internet, you’ll be quite to find the exact same TV priced at $524.99 at other locations, and it is even $549.99 right now at Sears, so you’re not saving as much as the advertisement suggests. But still, saving $50 on a $550 investment is a tremendous percentage saved.

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Our best suggestion is to do all of your Black Friday shopping before you ever hit the stores so you can know exactly what you want, you can get in, and get out, hopefully before the gobs of people cram in and try to get the best prices on items. Use the internet to find all of the 2011 Black Friday ads for the stores that you’re interested in and start highlighting, clipping, or writing down all of the notes that you want to be sure to take the fullest advantage of when push comes to shove.

On interesting holiday shopping tip is to use Twitter. Believe it or not, social media is being used as well as, and in certain instances instead of print media to get sales across. Be sure to follow your favorite stores on Twitter and keep in mind that those last second sales to try to lure you into the festivities could hit your smart phone on the day of the event.

If you’re not one that wants to get out and shop til you drop the day after eating all of your turkey, remember that a ton of Black Friday sales last the entire weekend of Thanksgiving. So, contrary to popular belief, you do not actually have to be at the store at 4:00 AM that Friday to be able to get the best prices.

And one final tip when you’re looking at Black Friday sales for this year. Make sure that you’re really getting a sale on the item that you want to buy. Let’s go back to Sears for a second. Video games are popularly gouged items, and one of this year’s hot games, Madden 12 for the X-Box is a great example. Normally, the game retails at $49.99, and Sears wants you to think that getting the game for $39.99 on Black Friday is a fantastic deal. However, you can get that very same game on right now for as cheap as $37 new and $35 used. Black Friday savings? Not so much. Don’t always believe those ads when they tell you that you’re saving tens and hundreds of dollars on items that you want to shop for. Do the homework and determine what the real price is, not what the retail price is.

Happy Black Friday shopping!