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June Free Stock Pick of the Month – Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL)

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Another value investment and spring stock pick that I am extremely hot on is the oilfield & drilling services titan, Halliburton Company (Current Price: 30.25 – NYSE: HAL – Current Quote).

Trading at just under $31/share, Halliburton is becoming extremely oversold and is currently available at an excellent price. Despite the recent dip in oil & natural gas prices, worldwide energy demand continues to rise over the long haul and Halliburton is one well-run company that will continue grow.

Halliburton has dropped along with big oil recently (parallel with the recent dip in oil & natural gas prices); but this is one company that we think will rebound at a tremendous pace; due to the fact that (unlike most of the Big Oil majors), Halliburton’s earnings/profits aren’t directly attached to price of oil & gas.

They netted over 627 million in the first quarter of 2012 and they are currently selling at a price almost 50% below their 52-week high. With a PE ratio of 9.14, an EPS of 3.19, and a Market Cap of almost 29 Billion, Halliburton is currently trading at 8 times the company’s earnings.

To put this into perspective, most fortune 500 companies will trade around 13-14 times their earnings (Note: The hot Social Networking IPO company, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB – Quote) is currently trading at price 100 times their earnings).

We are predicting and shooting for a target price of $40.00 (or a 30-35% increase) in the next 2 years. Halliburton still has fantastic earnings and plenty of room to grow.  And, once Oil and Natural Gas prices begin rising again (which they will eventually do), we see Hallibuton growing at a pace faster than the industry.

Halliburton Company (HAL) is a buy up to 33.25, especially for investors who are seeking long-term, value investments and want to put their money into a well-run company with continuous profits (even smaller investors).

(Note: I remain LONG on HAL at my purchase price of 31.50).

Hot Stock Tips: Win at the Belmont Stakes with Empire Resorts Stock (NYNY)

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Hot Stock Tips: Win at the Belmont Stakes with Empire Resorts Stock (NYNY) – The 2012 Belmont Stakes is expected to be one of the most attended and most watched horse racing events in the history of the sport. Here at Make Easy Money 365 though, we are a lot more interested in what is going to happen on the stock market, and we think that we have a hot stock tip on Empire Resorts (NASDAQ: NYNY) that could end up being an explosive stock to buy right now, while the race is still over two weeks away!

Empire Resorts is a company that deals with horse racing in specific, and it also deals with video game machines. It is true that a relatively small percentage, about 15% or so, of the company’s earnings are tied to horse racing. However, there is a huge difference at the Belmont Stakes when a horse is running for the Triple Crown and when he isn’t. This is the first time since 2008 that a horse is going to be running for the biggest prize in the sport of kings, as I’ll Have Enough looks to do what no horse has done since 1978 when Affirmed captured all three jewels of the Triple Crown.

Empire Resorts is a stock and a company that truly took a beating when the economy started to dip. We have to admit that this isn’t the best long-term stock in the world, as we have seen Empire Resorts drop from the $50/share range down to the $3.50/share range from 1995 until 1997. It has been as volatile as could be in several instances along the way as well, most recently dropping from around $30/share to where it sits right now at $1.99/share. That being said, now is the time to pounce on this stock, at least for the next few weeks, as it is a position that we think is going to at least double, if not triple in that period of time.

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We also have to remember that it isn’t just Belmont Racetrack itself that is going to benefit from all of the action that is coming in on the Belmont Stakes this year. Goodness knows that the New York Racing Association (NYRA), that has already almost declared bankruptcy once in the last few years, needs the influx of money and the revenue from this race to overcome tons of losses. However, every single casino, off track betting (OTB), and dog track should be seeing a boost in business thanks to I’ll Have Another. Admission fees to these establishments, such as the Monticello Gaming and Raceway owned by Empire Resorts, should be upped during this time as well, especially as we wind down closer to race day.

This clearly isn’t a stock position that we want to be in for the long haul, as this is a no-dividend stock and is one that has been all over the board for the last 2+ decades. That being said, the time might be there right now to take a short-term stance on a bit of a risky company, especially if you aren’t adverse to the idea of taking some gambles.

But why not? Millions will gamble on the Belmont Stakes in 2012. Whether you like horse racing or not, getting involved in Empire Resorts is a way that you can tap into the market as well and try to make your money, long before the horses take to the track on June 9th!

Social Security Cut? 2012 Tax Cuts Could Hurt… A Lot

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Social Security Cut? 2012 Tax Cuts Could Hurt… A Lot: Tax cuts sound like they’re a great thing in general, and with a presidential election coming up in 2012, there is no doubt that President Barack Obama wants to make sure that he gets into a favorable public light. His most recent plan that he hopes to push through might be a disaster though, as payroll tax cut might mean more money in your pocket now, but it might finally lead to that final Social Security cut we’ve all been dreading for a number of years.

The new Obama “Jobs Plan” would give a huge, huge break to both employees and employers alike. Currently, Congress passed a law for 2011 that reduced the deduction to employees for Social Security to 4.2% from 6.2%. Employers historically always had to match the deduction that came out of their employees’ paychecks, but they weren’t given the same tax break. Employers were still responsible for paying 6.2%.

The bill theoretically did exactly what it was intended to do. Employees all had an extra 2% added to their paychecks, and though that wasn’t clearly enough to turn the entire economy around, it certainly didn’t hurt any. However, now Obama wants to extend that tax cut even further, and he wants to extend it to the employers as well.

The “Jobs Plan” calls for employee deductions and employer payments down to 3.1% each, literally slashing the amount of money heading into the nation’s Social Security Trust Fund in half.

The total cost of the cuts is expected to be somewhere in the neck of the woods of $240 billion.

On the surface, this seems to be a plan that would put Obama back in office. Americans would get to keep their 2% tax break and inherit another 1.1% of a break with this law. The President has also ensured that Social Security will not be slashed to those who are already receiving Social Security benefits.

However, we have to look at the long term ramifications of this, both on a personal level and on a national level.

In the short run, the Social Security Fund is going to be depleted even faster than normal. There were only $544.8 billion in funding for Social Security last year, and the fund lost money hand over fist. With an approximately $112 billion coming into the fund in 2011 this year and $240 billion in 2012 and more people being added to Social Security than there are employees who are paying into the fund, there are more and more problems complicating a fund that is already running short.

The truth of the matter is that Obama really probably should be finding some way to help the Social Security Fund, not just ignore it. It seems as though it is a foregone conclusion that the day will come when the SSF is completed depleted, and with the country looking for so many other budget cuts to make to help keep the debt ceiling from rising, Social Security clearly won’t be around for that much longer.

However, in the long run, if Social Security is indeed saved, many in their 20s, 30s, and 40s can expect a heck of a lot less than they thought they were getting. The amount which you collect in Social Security is based upon the amount of the tax that you pay in. Theoretically, the less than you end up paying in now, the less that you’ll get later. Most aren’t thinking about this in the long run, but it is definitely something that needs to be considered when you’re planning for your own personal retirement.

Social Security tax cuts seem like a great idea, but at this point, we really need to think about what is best for the whole of the country and not all of us as individuals, and perhaps the nation is better served taking back that 2% instead of giving us just a slight amount of money per paycheck than it is costing all of us in the long run.

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