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How to Make Money Blogging – Ways to Make Money Being a Blogger

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How to Make Money Blogging – Ways to Make Money Being a Blogger and Freelance Writer A great way to make money online if you like writing is simply blogging about topics of interest to you for a fee paid by a website willing to pay you for your content. Sounds easy, right? Well, good news, it is! Really, friends, it is really simple to start making money daily by blogging online for websites. Let’s take a look at how you can get started asap.

Write Content to Showcase. The first thing any website owner will ask you when you email them looking for them to hire you to write content for their site is if you have any examples of your work that they can look at to see. A great way to do this and get your name out there is by either having articles saved in Microsoft Word documents that you can simply email to them when they ask or, better yet, open up your very own free blog on Google’s Blogger.com to upload your articles that you can then keep archived to present to website owners that you are looking for to hire you.

Getting Hired as a Freelance Writer. After you’ve taken the initiative to get some quality content written you should then email websites you are looking to work for and ask them if they are interested in paying you to write content for them. The typical rate for qaulity 500 word articles these days is $10-$12, however depending upon the industry and the article topic some sites have been known to pay $20 for articles of that length. It varies site to site but figure a well written 500 word article should fetch at least $10 these days.

Be Your Own Boss with Your Own Blog. If you can’t find enough work to satisfy your desire to be a freelance writer/blogger online, than how about simply keeping your own free blog on Google’s Blogger service and writing fresh content daily and making money by selling advertising on that site as well as running Google’s Adsense program on the site where you get paid every time someone clicks on one of the pay-per-click links? Plenty of bloggers are making decent money on the side by doing just that and having fun doing it at the same time. Will it make you rich? Most likely not. However, it will still bring in income and make it worth your time and effort if you are posting fresh content often that people will want to visit your blog to check out often.

Again, folks, the mission here on MakeEasyMoney365.com is not to sell you “Get Rich Quick” dreams and have you thinking you will be a millionaire overnight. While the sky is truly the limit for making money online there are also plenty of smaller opportunities such as blogging and being a freelance writer that many hardworking and dedicated individuals do daily and earn nice side income or even do as their full-time job. I personally know a few freelance writers that make $40,000 plus a year by simply writing 60-70 500 word articles a week for a number of websites and blogs. If you love writing and would love to work from home than being a full-time blogger and being your own boss is definitely a job that is in demand these days. Good luck!