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NFL Sunday Ticket DirecTV Prices Drop Again For 2012 NFL Season Schedule

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DirecTV Sunday Ticket Becomes More Affordable For NFL Fans – DirecTV is a company that has dominated the satellite TV world for quite some time. Its domination of the market stems around the NFL and its NFL Sunday Ticket package, which allows fans from anywhere in the country to watch every single game on the NFL schedule, every single Sunday of the season. This is a great package for out of town fans to have, but with the economic downturn in recent years, DirecTV has had to make some drastic changes to see if it can increase its audience and its number of households that use its products.

NFL Sunday Ticket has been a part of the exclusive rights to NFL regular season games that DirecTV has had since 1994. This is a large part of the reason that the company has over 20 million subscribers, well over 40 percent of which subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket.

But now, DirecTV is dropping its price for the 2012 NFL season to get Sunday Ticket. The price for DirecTV Sunday Ticket is going to drop to just $199.95 from $325. Part of the problem is that the need for technology in the United States is really making the games more accessible to the fans. Thanks to so many additional cameras and technological advances, crucial moments of the games are able to be seen virtually right after they happen on the local television broadcasts. Internet radio feeds are also available, as are a number of illegal streaming sites on the internet. Thursday Night Football also takes one game away from the NFL Sunday Ticket, and starting in the 2012 season, the NFL Network will be broadcasting a game every week on Thursday. An extra game is also taken away on the first Monday night of the season, as there is now a doubleheader on the first Monday of the season. In the end, this decreases the number of available games down under 200 for what used to be a 225-game package.

Beyond this, customers can now access NFL games on their mobile devices and on some of their gaming devices. The charge for that is $299.95, or a $100 increase in the fee for just getting it on the satellite dish. Even then, just to have the access to games on your cell phone or other mobile device makes the package all the more attractive, and it can all be had for the cost of less than what a full season package used to cost.

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This isn’t nearly the first time that DirecTV has run a drastic promotion to try to get more customers. The company has run free Sunday Ticket promotions for new subscribers, something that raised an estimated 327,000 new subscribers in the third quarter of 2011 alone. Meanwhile in that same period, other television contractors such as Comcast, Time Warner, and Cablevision all watched their numbers of subscribers decrease.

There is a concern as to whether DirecTV really has made a wise $4 billion investment to get the exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket through 2014. However, what we now know is that it is easier than it has ever been before to get access to NFL games, and the lower costs in 2012 might make it all the more affordable for you to be able to see your favorite NFL team on a regular basis, no matter where you might live.