How to Make Money with a Website – Tips and Advice

Posted on 22 May 2011

How to Make Money Online with a Website – Expert Tips and Advice: With more and more businesses and companies becoming Internet-based in at least some capacity, the Web has become the go-to place for many consumers. As a result, more and more money-making opportunities have developed for individuals and companies that have websites. In fact, websites can be used to create revenue streams from a variety of areas that go far beyond the purpose of the site itself.

In its simplest form, you can make money with a website by using it as a medium for selling a product. People go online, go to your website, and purchase a product. However, this is hardly the only way to make money with a website. In today’s world, you can make money with a website without having any physical merchandise changing hands. This not only opens up a wide variety of potential resume opportunities, it saves on overhead costs suggest as production, storage and shipping.

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One popular opportunity is to have banner advertising on your website. If your site has enough traffic, companies will pay you to have their logo displayed on certain pages of your website. In similar fashion, companies will pay your to have pop-up ads show up when visitors to your site click on certain sections or pages. The online advertising world has even branched out to audio and video ads these days. The reimbursement varies with the size or length of the ad space as well as the traffic experienced by your site, but either way, renting ad space is an easy way to make some extra money with your website.

Another option for websites that provide articles or other content that see a lot of traffic is to charge people to view certain sections. In other words, offer subscription packages that provide visitors to the site with access to special content. Offer free content as well to keep new traffic coming to your site, but if enough people want to read or view what your website offers, they will have no problem paying a modest subscription fee to do so. If your website has a number of popular chat rooms or forums, you can also charge a membership fee for people to use them.

Allowing companies to post opinion polls or links to surveys on your website is another way to make money. Generally, companies will provide you with some form of reimbursement just for having the links available, and they will compensate you even further for those individuals that participate in the polls and surveys. Today, many employers are using websites as a way to make their job openings available to a greater number of people. You can create a job board section for your site and charge these employers a small fee in order to post their positions.

Last but not least, you can sell your website to a larger site if the opportunity arises. Many large sites choose to buy smaller sites that achieve a large enough following. This could involve a one-time buyout, or it could mean you continue to operate the site with regular compensation from the parent site.

Whether you sell products or services on your website, sell advertising space or sell the site itself, several opportunities exist for making money. By taking advantage of all the little ways to earn extra money, you can make a little extra cash with just about any site. If your website becomes extremely popular, you will have the opportunities to turn it into a serious money maker.

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