How to Make Money with Email Marketing – Tips and Advice

Posted on 22 May 2011

How to Make Money Online with Email Marketing – Expert Tips and Advice: If used properly, email marketing can become a profitable method for promoting your company or website, along with its products or services. You can also become an email marketer for an existing company. The practice involves sending newsletters or other informative advertisements via email to a large number of people.

If you are email marketing for your own company, the information sent in each email should describe why the product or service you are attempting to sell is useful and why it is worth paying for. More importantly, the emails should contain a link that will take anyone interested in purchasing something from you directly to the necessary web pages. Basically, email marketing allows you to take your product or service to the people rather than waiting for the people to come to you. Years ago, door-to-door salesmen would spend weeks doing this. Through email marketing, you can bring whatever you are attempting to sell to people all over the world with the click of a mouse.

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If you decide to pursue email marketing for a pre-existing company, the basic process is the same. However, you will be in charge of creating the emails or newsletters and sending them to the necessary list of email addresses. Generally, the pay rate for simply sending the emails is minimal, but if the people on your email lists follow the links and purchase items, your compensation increases.

In either type of email marketing venture, one of the biggest problems is acquiring the email addresses of potential customers. Some companies sell lists of email addresses, but this practice can be costly and is often times unethical. Many of these companies don’t tell users that their email addresses can be sold to other parties, but since they don’t expressly say that they won’t sell the addresses either, the practice isn’t illegal. However, sending unexpected emails to people probably isn’t going to get you many sales.

An alternative method for gathering addresses is to post a link on blog sites and other forums that will allow interested parties to sign up to receive your emails. This is not only a more ethical method of building a mailing list, but it is more efficient as well. After all, the people singing up are already showing interest, and that will likely lead to more sales than emailing random people would.

Whenever you are email marketing, you walk a thin line between a legitimate business and trafficking SPAM. You must provide an option to be removed from the mailing list for anyone that receives an email from the company you represent. Failure to do so could result in legal ramifications. While there is money to be made for both yourself and companies with email marketing, it has to be done properly to be both effective and legal.

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