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How to Make Money Writing Articles or Web Content – Tips and Secrets

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How to Make Money Online Writing Articles – Expert Tips and Secrets to Earn Cash Article Writing: The popularity of the Internet has given rise to new way for people to get their news and other information. Newspapers and magazines are being phased out by web-based versions of the same products that can be accessed at anytime by anyone with access to the Internet. With more and more media taking to the web, writing articles or web content for these outlets has become new career path for many. Depending on the amount of time you have and the particular outlet, writing online articles and other web content can be a good way to make some extra spending money or even your full-time job.

One avenue to explore is writing for general information sites. Companies like Demand Media Studios and others employ writers and editors and pay them a flat rate per article completed. These articles appear on sites such as eHow.com and Ask.com. Writers and editors accepted by the site choose from a large database of potential articles, picking out the topics that best fit their knowledge. After each article is completed and accepted, the site will issue payment. Since the number of topics is ample and constantly updated, the amount of money that can be made is really limited only by your writing and editing abilities and your available time.

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Another option for making money with online writing is to produce search engine optimized (SEO) content. Companies exist that produce web content for a variety of other businesses with the goal of driving up traffic to their sites. In order to do this, sites need unique content that contains certain keywords and phrases that are used repeatedly. This helps ensure that these sites appear early on a list of hits on search engines results. Since the content needs to be unique, writers are employed to create the necessary content and are given certain keywords and phrases that must be used a specified amount of times. While this writing often requires you to write about the same topic several times, it also requires you to follow more directions than a general content site will. It is a tradeoff, but once again, the demand for SEO content is so high that the workload is usually limited only by your efficiency and output.  

If you are looking to make some money writing articles or web content without going the pay-per-article route, there are part-time and full-time options available. Almost every newspaper and magazine hires writers that are dedicated to producing content and segments for the companies’ online versions. Since information on the web can be updated instantaneously, companies need writers to provide live updates 24 hours day, seven days a week. This type of writing will earn you an hourly rate, and you will be required to either produce specified content each week or monitor a news wire for a certain time period each day. While this method will earn you a stable income, it is also harder to break into the field. Whereas pay-per-article sites are likely to give anyone with writing skills an opportunity, online newspapers, magazines and other dedicated sites are going to require a journalism or communications degree before they will hire you.

It is conceivable that in the near future nearly all information and news will be viewed via the web. As a result, the opportunities to make money writing articles and web content are only going to increase. As long as you have a solid foundation in writing and a basic knowledge of grammar, there are opportunities for you already available. If you have a degree in the field, online writing could become your full-time career.

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