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How To Have A Blog And Make Money At Home No Matter Your Trade

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How To Have A Blog And Make Money At Home No Matter Your Trade: These are tough economic times, and we all know it. However, here at Make Easy Money 365, we are going to show you, no matter what it is that you do for a living and what your passions are, how you can have a blog and make some money at home. The best part? You’ll probably learn quite a bit, will be able to add to your own personal value, and the extra income isn’t going to hurt any.

The key to having a blog is finding some sort of a niche market to go into. Don’t bother with a blog based upon college football, or being a doctor, or dogs. Do a blog on Louisiana Lafayette football, being a podiatrist, or German Shepherds. This blog is a great example of how you can narrow down your ideas to one neat little blog and make it popular. We address a slew of different money topics, but they all have the exact same concept: Saving money and making you money.

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Blogging isn’t anything that is overly difficult. The startup costs are minimal, as you really only need a domain name, which you can get for less than $20 per year, and a server, which is also a relatively cheap expenditure. Sure, in order to get some respect in Google rankings, you’re going to need a nice page design and all of that, but the truth of the matter is that content is king. There are plenty of nice designs that you can get for free on the internet, you just have to search for them.

After that, you just need to tap into that brain of yours and spit out everything that you know! No matter whether you’re a carpenter, a teacher, a bus driver, a police officer, an athlete, a musician… whatever it is, people want to know more about you and what you do!

Don’t know where to start? We recommend these Blogging Tips to help get you started.

Read up on other blogs similar to yours and see what they’re writing about. Use Google Trends to figure out what other people are searching for. Use Google AdWords to search specific keywords that are related to your topic of choice to find out what regular readers of the internet are in search of.

Once your content is up, you have to promote it. Start things off in a very simple manner. You know that you have hundreds of friends on Facebook. Bring them into the fold of your blog by liking links to your site and recommending the pages. Twitter works all the same as well. Tell your co-workers that you’ve got a neat new website that might be able to help them with their own jobs or that they might be interested. Hopefully, word of mouth will let your site grow and grow.

It’s then, and only then, that you should really start to figure out how to monetize your blog. This website is a fantastic haven for information about turning your blog into profits, and our articles are second to none to help you with that. If you have any questions, feel free to E-Mail Us, and we would be more than happy to help you out as well.

Make Money Blogging – Monetizing Your Blog

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Blogging has become a modern-day phenomenon of sorts, and for some people, it has become a career. While you have no doubt heard stories of blogs being purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the truth is that a majority of professional bloggers will need practical methods for generating income through their blogs. That being said, money-making opportunities do exist with blogging. 

The first step, as we have said in previous articles, is to build you blog and just start writing.  Keep your blog updated ideally everyday or every other day.  Don’t get lazy.  Once you have your blog established and you’re seeing your traffic numbers rise, it becomes time to start monetizing your blog so that you can turn your hard work into profits.  There are many ways that you can begin to monetize your blog. Here are a few of the most popular ways to make money from your blog.

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Pay Per Click Ad Networks – One of the easiest and most-popular ways to make money with a blog is to use an ad network that pays a flat rate every time someone clicks on one of the ads. These are often referred to as PPC ads, and they are placed on the same web page as your blog. The trick is to pick ads that are relevant to the topic of your blog. If you write a blog about fantasy baseball strategies, you should include ads that refer people to sites where they can sign up to play fantasy baseball. Obviously, the more traffic your blogs receives, the more money you can generate with this method.  Pay Per Click advertising can be a great way to turn your traffic into cash if you have very large traffic numbers.

CPM Ad Networks – A spin-off of a PPC ad network is a CPM ad network. These networks pay based on the number of views of the page that the ad is placed on, in this case your blog. Generally, CPM rates are based on how many thousands of views that ad receives. The benefit of the CPM is that you receive compensation whenever someone’s reads your blog, regardless of whether or not an ad is clicked. The downside is that your blog has to have a substantial following and traffic in the hundreds of thousands in order for this method to return a worthwhile profit.

Sell Links & Direct Ads – A third option using advertisements to make money with your blog is to directly sell ad space to specific companies. If you have a blog about do-it-yourself projects, approach building supply companies about possibly posting ads on your blog. The benefit of this approach is that compensation is guaranteed per the agreement reached between yourself and the sponsoring company. However, you have to do all the leg work with this approach, and there is no guarantee that any companies will agree to a deal.

Affiliate Advertising and Products – Last but not least, you can include links to site that sell products or services related to the theme of your blog. With this method, readers can follow your blog directly to site to purchase related products. Since the link can be traced to your blog, companies will kick back a percentage of the sale to you. Sites like Amazon, eBay, and many more offer affiliate advertising programs where they can tailor the displayed products to the specific genre of you blog.There is little risk with this approach because it only requires a link to be posted in your blog. That being said, this method only returns a profit if your readers go on to purchase items from the linked sites.

With these strategies, almost any blog is capable of making money. However, the amount of money is directly related to the popularity of your site. Post articles on various forums and even other blogs that include links to your blog in order to increase traffic. You can also study search engine optimization (SEO) methods to help boost Internet search results for your site. Finally, paying to have a self-hosted blog can drastically increase your blog’s viewership. Rather than having to include the blogging platforms name in your blog’s domain name, a self-hosted blog allows you to have a unique domain name. The easier your domain name is to remember and type, the more readers you will attract to your blog. Using the above methods, your profits will continue to rise as your viewership does.