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Christmas eBay Sales: It’s The Most Wonderful Time For eBay Selling

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Christmas eBay Sales: It’s The Most Wonderful Time For eBay Selling: Christmas trees are going up all over the world, and Black Friday has now come and gone. If you’re ready to engage in eBay selling though, this is the best time of year for you, as you will have a bevy of eyes that are on the item that you are selling. Check out our eBay selling tips for the month of December!

This time of year, everyone is looking for that perfect give to give to their loved ones for the holidays. The prudent buyer would probably be wise to do so on the internet, as eBay sales are often a heck of a lot cheaper than even the best of Black Friday sales. That being said, there are also a ton of people that will overpay for their item based upon what it is truly worth, just for the comfort of knowing that they have bought the ideal gift that they are looking for.

This is a great time of year to have your own eBay store. If you can garner some attention with some great items that holiday shoppers are looking for, you’ve got a real chance to make a tremendous killing. This is when you can sell your unique item that you are trying to promote. No one may be searching for your item on a regular basis, but again, if you can draw people into your store, whether they actually buy the initial item that you are selling or not, they are likely to be seeing your product.

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One of our great eBay selling tips is to make your page fantastic from an aesthetic point of view. Don’t be afraid to design your site and learn some HTML. eBay allows you to code virtually anything into your selling page, and adding holiday borders, using bigger and bolder fonts (without being too, too loud!), and mentioning that your gift would make for a great stocking stuffer or would look fantastic under the Christmas tree is more likely to sell than just your average run of the mill item with a description of what you’re selling. Perhaps even more important than the price of the item is what you make your page look like. Items frequently end up being sold with people’s eyes more than anything else.

One final eBay tip for the holidays… If you have an eBay store, offer up refunds after the holidays! Returning gifts on December 26th is a very popular thing for people to do, but part of the reason that people are gun shy to buy on the internet is because of the lack of return policies. Give your customers the extra reason to buy that item by offering a refund if the item is returned by a certain date in January, and make the customer only pay for the shipping. But please, don’t advertise it if you don’t mean it. People are ruthless and will kill your eBay score if they don’t get satisfaction.

How To Make Money By Buying and Selling Sports Memorabilia – Expert Tips and eBay Secrets

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How To Make Money By Buying and Selling Sports Memorabilia – Expert Tips and eBay Secrets: So you’re a sports fan, right? And you want to make money at home by doing virtually nothing? We’ve got just the thing for you! eBay is one of the tried and true methods of making money, and here at Make Easy Money 365, we’re going to give you a hot little tip about how to use your knowledge and love of sports to be able to make some cold hard cash without ever having to leave your computer!

There are millions of people out there right now with boxes upon boxes of baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, and a slew of other sports memorabilia that is just sitting there doing you no good. However, there are a slew of people out there that would love to have your perceived junk, and a lot of it might even be worth of good chunk of change.

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Start looking through those cards. You’d be surprised what great things you’ll find. Just over a year ago, I was able to sell just the duplicate cards that I had for a cool $642.38, net of all of the eBay fees, and that was without doing anything else whatsoever.

So I had the thought that perhaps I could find some cards floating around at garage sales or at other eBay auctions and could turn around and sell them again for a bit of a profit. At times I had success, at other times I failed. Either way, the success was limited, and I was convinced that this venture had the possibility of being incredibly valuable.

I decided that I was a smart enough sports guy to figure out what players were going to grow in popularity, and perhaps if I bought some cards and waited for these players to succeed, that perhaps I’d be able turn a huge profit margin on my investments. So I invested in cards on eBay of a few players in particular that I thought would really be able to shine this past season… Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Joe Flacco, and Byron Leftwich.

Let’s go over these names and see why I picked those in particular. Rodgers was already a great story before he won his Super Bowl, and I was determined to get in on his “stock” essentially right now before he won his ring and probably made himself a future Hall of Famer. Cutler’s valuation was low due to his terrible year with the Chicago Bears. Flacco was a man who I thought was really ready to step up this past season and lead his team to the Super Bowl. Leftwich is the interesting choice, though. He was picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers and was quarterbacking them for a short period of time while Ben Roethlisberger was suspended. Cards for the Steelers are always worthwhile, and my thought was if Leftwich would just have a few good weeks, I’d be able to turn around and sell all of those old cards of his for a profit.

Save for Rodgers, my thought really didn’t work all that well. However, the week of the Super Bowl, just the Google search for “Aaron Rodgers” was as high as could be, and as a result, the hits on eBay were just as high. I placed half of my Rodgers cards on the market the week of the Super Bowl and sold those cards for almost double what I spent on the entire set of cards combined!

Yes, timing is truly everything. Right now, if you owned Derek Jeter baseball cards, you’d be able to sell those for a mint considering that he is about to come up on his 3,000th hit. Roger Clemens is in the news as well, but for all of the wrong reasons with his perjury case. Cards with Clemens’ name on it, regardless of which uniform he is wearing in those pictures, also have an inflated value. However, with Clemens, we have to be careful. He very well might never see his popularity be higher than it is right now. Sell now, or you might forever hold your peace.

With the NFL being in the midst of a lockout, now is the time to buy while the “stock” of the NFL is as low as it has been in years. However, when the lockout is lifted and the season gets underway again, fans are a lot more likely to be buying cards and other merchandise for their favorite teams than they are right now.

Just remember that you junk is another man’s treasure! And now as a sports fan, you know exactly how to take that passion of sports and combine it into a fantastic business venture!