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How to Make Money with Facebook – Tips and Secrets to Facebook Ads Success

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How to Make Money Online with Facebook – Expert Tips and Secrets to Facebook Ads Success: Facebook hasn’t even been around a decade, but the site has become a global phenomenon valued in the billions. More and more people, companies, and advertisers are becoming involved with Facebook by the day. Heck, you can log on to you or your friends’ Facebook pages at Target and print off photos. Given the sites incredible scale and constant expansion, it should come as no surprise that money can be made with Facebook. What may be surprising is that free money-making opportunities exist for just about anyone that uses the site.

The best way to make money with Facebook is to take advantage of the many applications that already exist. One of the most popular options is known as My Merch Store. This application is designed to allow people to sell products that they make through their Facebook page. From homemade clothing and crafts to photographs and other artwork, My Merch Store allows anyone that views your Facebook page to have the option to view and purchase your items. This application also allows you the option of acting as a vendor for your friends’ products as well, and you receive a commission whenever someone buys someone else’s products through your Facebook page. Café Press is essentially the same application, and you can even use both to try to increase your cash flow.
Sticking with the theme of selling things, Garage Sale is an application that lets you list all the items you wish to sell on your Facebook page, along with a price. People can then purchase these items, and you will receive a notice telling you where to ship them. Money is collected and delivered through PayPal, which means you must have an account and be willing to accept the 5 percent charge per sale. However, there are no other costs to use this application.

Lemonade is a similar application. Taking its name from the old days when kids would set up lemonade stands to make money, this application allows you to set up a “stand” on your Facebook page where you can sell items of your choosing. It is more a less a different version of the applications mentioned above, with the novelty being the throwback to lemonade stand concept.

Another option to make a little cash is an application called Music Blaster. BlastMyMusic.com will put a link to their online store on your Facebook page, and you earn 5 percent of all sales made through your page as commission.

If you are knowledgeable in a particular area such as math or writing, you can sign up for the Ether application. When added to your Facebook page, you open yourself up to be a one-on-one guru with people needing help in your area of expertise. You set the rate and provide a phone number, and Ether takes care of the rest.

While these applications don’t guarantee that you will make money with your Facebook page, they won’t cost you anything either. Ultimately, your profits depend on the items you have available to sell as well as the amount of traffic your Facebook page receives. If you are Facebook fanatic with plenty of people checking out your page daily, there is no reason not to try these applications and make some extra cash.

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