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Dividend Growth: Stocks That Pay Monthly High Yield Dividends

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Dividend Growth: Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends: Especially in a day an age in which the stock market is anything but certain, it’s nice to know that there are still a bunch of stocks out there that pay strong dividends to keep their owners happy. The mass majority of stocks that are dividend bearing and provide dividend growth do so on a quarterly basis. However, don’t think that this is the only way that you can capture a dividend from the stock that you own. There are a number of stocks that do pay on a monthly basis, and the mass majority of those stocks have tremendously high annual yields as well.

The problem with these high yield dividend stocks is that they often aren’t fantastic in terms of standard stock growth, and they do often end up losing their value over time. That being said, if you can diversify over a number of different monthly dividend yielding stocks, the chances are, you’re going to end up in a situation in which you are making more than enough off of your dividends to feel comfortable, even if the value of the stocks do decrease just a bit. It’s definitely “buyer beware” though, and though we wouldn’t want all of our eggs in one basket with these stocks, keeping a percentage of your portfolio with these high dividend yielding monthly paying stocks is probably a good idea, especially if you are already retired or retiring in the near future.

List Of Monthly Dividend Yielding Stocks (By Annual Percentage Yield)
PIMCO High Income (PHK) (Dividend Yield 12.2%)
Alpine Global Dynamic (AGD) (Dividend Yield 12.1%)
Western Asset High Income Fund (HIX) (Dividend Yield 10.0%)
DSW Multi-Market Income Trust (KMM) (Dividend Yield 9.8%)
Pioneer High Income Trust (PHT) (Dividend Yield 9.7%)
DWS High Income Trust (KHI) (Dividend Yield 9.7%)
Western Asset Global High Income (EHI) (Dividend Yield 9.6%)
Putnam Premier Income Trust (PPT) (Dividend Yield 9.2%)
DSW Strategic Income Trust (KST) (Dividend Yield 8.9%)
Alliance Bernstein Global (AWF) (Dividend Yield 8.64%)
Eaton Vance Municipal Income (EVN) (Dividend Yield 8.5%)
Pioneer Municipal High Income (MAV) (Dividend Yield 8.4%)
BlackRock Limited Duration Income (BLW) (Dividend Yield 8.0%)
MFS Multimarket Income Trust (MMT) (Dividend Yield 8.0%)
MFS Municipal Income Trust (CMU) (Dividend Yield 7.8%)
MFS High Income Municipal (CXE) (Dividend Yield 7.8%)
Inland Real Estate Corporation (IRC) (Dividend Yield 7.8%)
Advent Claymore Convertible (AVK) (Dividend Yield 7.7%)
Franklin Templeton Limited (FTF) (Dividend Yield 7.6%)
Sabine Royalty Trust Common (SBR) (Dividend Yield 7.5%)
Invesco Van Kampen Advantage (VKI) (Dividend Yield 7.4%)
BlackRock Municipal Income (BFK) (Dividend Yield 7.2%)
BlackRock Municipal Income (BLE) (Dividend Yield 7.1%)
Putman Managed Municipal Income (PMM) (Dividend Yield 7.1%)
Dreyfus Strategic Municipals (LEO) (Dividend Yield 7.1%)
Eaton Vance Senior Floating RAT (EFR) (Dividend Yield 7.0%)
Invesco Municipal Premium Income (PIA) (Dividend Yield 6.9%)
Putnam Master Intermediate Income (PIM) (Dividend Yield 6.9%)
Invesco Quality Municipal Income (IQI) (Dividend Yield 6.8%)
Eaton Vance Floating Rate (EFT) (Dividend Yield 6.8%)
Eaton Vance Pennsylvania Muni (EVP) (Dividend Yield 6.8%)
BlackRock New York Municipal (BNY) (Dividend Yield 6.7%)
Invesco Municipal Income Opp (OIC) (Dividend Yield 6.7%)
Invesco Municipal Income Opp (OIA) (Dividend Yield 6.6%)
BlackRock Income Opportunity (BNA) (Dividend Yield 6.5%)
Cross Timbers Royalty Trust (CRT) (Dividend Yield 6.4%)
Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust (EVF) (Dividend Yield 6.4%)
Hugoton Royalty Trust Common (HGT) (Dividend Yield 6.3%)
BlackRock Income Trust Inc. (BKT) (Dividend Yield 6.0%)
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (SJT) (Dividend Yield 5.7%)
MFS Intermarket Income Trust (CMK) (Dividend Yield 5.6%)
Realty Income Corporation (O) (Dividend Yield 5.2%)

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List of High Dividend Stocks, ETF & High Yield Stocks/ETF’s

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List of High Dividend Stocks: Got your money stuck in the bank making less than 1% interest? The tips to building a big portfolio is by maximizing the most of the money that you already have! Part of the key to a great portfolio, especially as you’re nearing retirement age and are needing guaranteed income, is by investing in stocks or bonds that pay dividends that can be returned to you in the form of cash or in reinvested stock. Many funds out there will offer you over a 10% return on your investment, something that you can only dream of getting at your bank! Sure, there’s the added risk that these stocks could lose money, but right now, with the DOW Jones still well below where it should be, these stocks are only likely to rise over the long term in addition to paying you off with dividends!

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List of High Dividend Stocks

IVR: Investco Mortgage Capital (Dividend Yield 20.43%)
AGNC: American Capital Agency (Dividend Yield 20.06%)
CYS: Cypress Sharpridge Investments (Dividend Yield 19.50%)
CIM: Chimera Investment (Dividend Yield 18.18%)
RSO: Resource Capital (Dividend Yield 17.54%)
LPHI: Life Partners Holdings (Dividend Yield 16.33%)
NLY: Annaly Capital (Dividend Yield 15.49%)
HTS: Hatteras Financial Corp (Dividend Yield 14.91%)
ANH: Anworth Mortgage (Dividend Yield 14.43%)
CEL: Cellcom Israel (Dividend Yield 13.76%)
MFA: MFA Mortgage Investments (Dividend Yield 13.35%)
PSEC: Prospect Capital Corporation (Dividend Yield 13.07%)
TNK: Teekay Tankers (Dividend Yield 12.21%)
CMO: Capstead Mortgage (Dividend Yield 12.18%)
FSC: Fifth Street Finance (Dividend Yield 12.16%)
BKCC: BlackRock Kelso Capital Corporation (Dividend Yield 12.05%)
ALSK: Alaska Communications Systems (Dividend Yield 11.89%)
DX: Dynex Capital (Dividend Yield 11.87%)
AINV: Apollo Investment Corporation (Dividend Yield 11.69%)
CPLP: Capital Product Partners LP (Dividend Yield 11.52%)
TICC: TICC Capital Corp (Dividend Yield 11.14%)
PTNR: Partner Communications (Dividend Yield 11.13%)
NMM: Navios Maritime Partners LP (Dividend Yield 10.68%)
FRO: Frontline Ltd. (Dividend Yield 10.43%)
ARI: Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc. (Dividend Yield 10.28%)
TCAP: Triangle Capital Corp (Dividend Yield 10.24%)
PNNT: Pennantpark Investment Corp (Dividend Yield 10.17%)
FTR: Frontier Communications (Dividend Yield 10.01%)
DOM: Dominion Resources Trust (Dividend Yield 10.01%)

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