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How to Start a Business: Picking A Business Structure Right For You

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Tips For Starting A Business: A Corporation How To Guide – Most of us out there have some great ideas in life. Some of them are a heck of a lot easier to monetize than others. However, the problem that so many Americans have with their businesses is that they just don’t know how to start a business. As a result, they often end up giving up on their big business dreams, or they end up starting a business that just doesn’t work for them. Figure out how to form a business that works for you with this easy guide to starting a business!

There are several different ways to form a business, but if you starting a business by yourself, you only really have a handful of options. You can just do your business on a Schedule C, or you can form an LLC or form a Corporation. If you elect to have an LLC, you will need to figure out whether you want your LLC to be a corporation or not. If so, or if you just choose to start straight at a corporation, you’ll have to decide whether you want your corporation to be treated as a C-Corporation or an S-Corporation.

Why You Don’t Want To Be A Schedule C: There are really only downsides to being on a Schedule C. The worst reason of all is that the individual is subject to income tax at the state level (if your state has an income tax), along with the federal level, and before you have to pay income tax, you have to pay what is known as self-employment tax. In the years 2011 and 2012, self-employment tax is equal to 13.3% of your bottom line. In other words, if your business made $100,000 and you had $40,000 in expenses to make that $100,000, you would have to pay 13.3% of $60,000 before you ever paid a dime in income tax. That’s a whopping $7,980 in tax BEFORE income taxes kick in.

Why You Don’t Want To Be A C-Corporation: If you are working with just yourself, at this point, there really is no point to be a C-Corporation in most states. Do be sure to check with your accountant before forming a corporation though, as laws for every state are treated just a bit differently. The good news about forming a C-Corporation or an LLC that is treated as a C-Corporation is that you have what is known as corporate protection. That means if your product or service that you are selling ends up causing harm to one of your clients and they try to sue you, they can only sue the assets that belong to your corporation. In other words, they can’t go after your personal house, your personal car, and the likes. C-Corporations have their own tax structure, but that structure is higher than that of a personal tax return. Generally, if your business is making legitimate money, a C-Corp will cost you a ton in taxes.

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Why You Do Want To Be An S-Corporation: Again, before we begin, we have to reiterate the fact that you should really speak to an accountant before starting a business depending upon what state you are in. Generally speaking though, starting an S-Corporation is the way to go if you are a single business owner and don’t intend on ever having partners. Remember that 13.3% self-employment tax that we were talking about before with a Schedule C? That goes out the window. You only pay income tax on the bottom line of the corporation. So if you had $100,000 in income and $40,000 in expenses, you would only pay income taxes on that $60,000, not that whopping $7,980 in addition to income taxes as we spoke about before. You also get all of the perks of corporation protection that we spoke about earlier.

The downside to an S-Corporation is that there is a lot more paperwork that needs to be filled out for you to be in business. You have to take what is known as a “fair value salary.” Think of that as your corporation’s way of paying you for your services. You will have to pay that annoying 13.3% on the salary that you pay to yourself, but you won’t have to pay anything more than income tax on the rest of the money that you make. So what is a “fair value salary?” The good news is that there really isn’t a rule in the book that shows you what a “fair value” is for the services that you provide to your own business. Generally, if you’re making less than $50,000 for the year, if you pay yourself a $10,000 salary, you should be just fine. And if you’re making more than $50,000 or so, make sure that you give yourself a salary of at least 20% of what you make for the year.

So now you know the tricks of the trade and can form your own business right away! Now go out there and live out the great American dream of owning your own business and starting making big money today!

How To Have A Blog And Make Money At Home No Matter Your Trade

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How To Have A Blog And Make Money At Home No Matter Your Trade: These are tough economic times, and we all know it. However, here at Make Easy Money 365, we are going to show you, no matter what it is that you do for a living and what your passions are, how you can have a blog and make some money at home. The best part? You’ll probably learn quite a bit, will be able to add to your own personal value, and the extra income isn’t going to hurt any.

The key to having a blog is finding some sort of a niche market to go into. Don’t bother with a blog based upon college football, or being a doctor, or dogs. Do a blog on Louisiana Lafayette football, being a podiatrist, or German Shepherds. This blog is a great example of how you can narrow down your ideas to one neat little blog and make it popular. We address a slew of different money topics, but they all have the exact same concept: Saving money and making you money.

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Blogging isn’t anything that is overly difficult. The startup costs are minimal, as you really only need a domain name, which you can get for less than $20 per year, and a server, which is also a relatively cheap expenditure. Sure, in order to get some respect in Google rankings, you’re going to need a nice page design and all of that, but the truth of the matter is that content is king. There are plenty of nice designs that you can get for free on the internet, you just have to search for them.

After that, you just need to tap into that brain of yours and spit out everything that you know! No matter whether you’re a carpenter, a teacher, a bus driver, a police officer, an athlete, a musician… whatever it is, people want to know more about you and what you do!

Don’t know where to start? We recommend these Blogging Tips to help get you started.

Read up on other blogs similar to yours and see what they’re writing about. Use Google Trends to figure out what other people are searching for. Use Google AdWords to search specific keywords that are related to your topic of choice to find out what regular readers of the internet are in search of.

Once your content is up, you have to promote it. Start things off in a very simple manner. You know that you have hundreds of friends on Facebook. Bring them into the fold of your blog by liking links to your site and recommending the pages. Twitter works all the same as well. Tell your co-workers that you’ve got a neat new website that might be able to help them with their own jobs or that they might be interested. Hopefully, word of mouth will let your site grow and grow.

It’s then, and only then, that you should really start to figure out how to monetize your blog. This website is a fantastic haven for information about turning your blog into profits, and our articles are second to none to help you with that. If you have any questions, feel free to E-Mail Us, and we would be more than happy to help you out as well.

Ways to Save & Even Make Money with Online Banking

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As with most day-to-day activities, more and more people are doing a majority of their banking online. This process is certainly convenient, allowing you to transfer between accounts, pay bills, and view your balances from the comfort of your home. However, online banking can also be a way for you to make money. Since you can save time and make money at the same time with online banking, there is no reason not to explore the option for your banking needs.

From a saving money standpoint, online banking delivers. Since you can check your balance before making any purchase, you will never have to endure the overdraft fees for withdrawing too much money. In addition, fewer trips to the bank mean using less gas. The savings may be minimal, but they do add up over time. If you are cutting it close on paying a monthly bill on time, you can go online and pay it instantly rather than sending a check by mail and hoping it makes it on time. Not to mention the fact that some banks companies gives you small discounts for receiving your statements online rather than in the mail.

In addition to the ways to save, online banking has plenty of options for making you money as well. One popular perk banks offer is increased interest rates on savings accounts for transferring money or having money directly deposited into your account. Banks usually require that a certain amount of money be either deposited or transferred each month, usually in the $500 range, but many banks will double your interest rate as a result. Even with the interest rates being low, doubling the rate will provide a substantial increase in money over time. For most people, gaining the perk is as simple as having their paycheck directly deposited into their account each week.

Another option offered by many banks and credit cards is a rewards program. Using a rewards program while running your business can help you make extra money just by doing normal business activities. It will require you to go online and register your card or account to the rewards program, but it will be well worth the time. For each dollar you pay from your account, you will receive a certain amount of points. These points can be accumulated and later redeemed for a variety of rewards. Among the typical options are gift cards to restaurants, money for gas, money for groceries and airline tickets. Another option offered by some banks offer is to have money placed directly into a savings account, provided you have a savings account with the bank you have the rewards program with. This is typically your best value because banks are willing to sweeten the deal in order to have you open up an additional account with them.

There really is no reason not to participate in online banking. You are going to be spending the money anyway. Why not save your time, your money, and be rewarded for it? Banking is a part of life that isn’t going away, but you can make the most of the process by taking advantage of the perks of online banking to make a little extra money.