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Free Stock Picks: Ride Churchill Downs & Kentucky Derby

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Looking for a good spring time investment?  Look no further than Churchill Downs (Nasdaq: CHDN – Current Quote), and not only cash in on the Kentucky Derby hysteria, but parlay this fixture into a furLONG-term investment.

The Louisville Kentucky racetrack & casino gaming company, which has increased it’s earnings by over 180% since 2010, is looked by Wall Street as an old dog (or Philly in their case) that doesn’t have any new tricks.  But, I don’t see it this way in the least.  In fact, I see plenty of room for growth here.

Not only has this company completely revamped and modernized their racetrack venue, by adding several dozen luxury style suites, but this old dog is beginning to invest in the future as well.

First, they have already made major strides in the casino gaming industry by purchasing Harlow’s Casino & Hotel in Mississippi 2 years ago.  More importantly, they are also making major moves toward online gaming as well; taking on several new online horse racing wagering sites (YouBet.com & TwinSpires.com).

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Finally, if purchasing Bluff Media (which owns the popular online poker player supersite, BluffMagazine.com) in early February 2012 isn’t a sign that they want their piece of the online gaming pie (when it’s finally legalized), I don’t know what is.  (that is, of course, when our short-sighted politicians get their fat heads out of their proverbial asses). The acquisition of Bluff Media may not be a blockbuster deal profit wise and won’t set off any alarms on the Wall Street ticker, but in my opinion, it shows that this company has major plans in the online poker industry (which many estimate to be an industry worth over 200 billion dollars).

So, with the Kentucky Derby ahead (giving sports betters something to get excited about during the football off-season), now couldn’t be a better time buy yourself a piece of this stable horse racing & gaming company that I believe has plenty of room to grow (Buy CHDN Under 60).

Churchill Downs currently has a market cap of $1 Billion; profit margin of 9.5%; a P/E ratio of 16.31; and their last dividend yielded 1%.

(Note: I am LONG on CHDN at a purchase price of 57.63).

How Can I Make Money As a Teenager? Top 5 Ways For Teens To Make Money

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How Can I Make Money As a Teenager? Top 5 Ways For Teens To Make Money: Alright, so you’re only a teenager, right? You think that just because you’re only 16 or 17 years old that you don’t have the ability to make money? Not so fast! Here at Make Easy Money 365, we’ve got the Top 10 ways that you can make some easy money just by using the skills that you already have!

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No. 1 Tip for Teens to Make Money: Cutting the Grass – Sure, this sounds incredibly boring and really tedious, but it’s easy, and most of your neighbors would much rather pay you to do the work than to do it themselves. You can actually charge better prices than the average professional lawn service, and at least if all you’re doing is cutting the grass, you can probably do just as good of a job as the pros do.

No. 2 Tip for Teens to Make Money: Start a Babysitting Service – Don’t think that this is just a job that is for girls! Even if you’re a guy and can prove that you’re responsible, this is a great way to make easy money. Sure, you end up losing out on your Friday or Saturday nights, but the truth of the matter is that you’ll probably get not only the money for babysitting, but get some free pizza and get to spend most of your time watching TV or movies as well. It’s not great pay, but it’s probably $10 that you didn’t have before, and you get to do most of the same things that you’d be doing at home anyway!

No. 3 Tip for Teens to Make Money: Open a Lemonade Stand – Sure, this sounds awfully cliché, but when push comes to shove, it’s really a cheap way to make some money. Bake cookies, mix up some lemonade, do whatever it is that you have to do, and then just set up shop right there at a busy corner with a lot of pedestrians. You’d be surprised how many people will pay you a buck just because you’re trying to do the right thing with your life.

No. 4 Tip for Teens to Make Money: Go Garage Sale Shopping – Teenagers are a whole heck of a lot savvier than most adults are when it comes to the internet. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always buy and sell items and try to turn them into a profit! Go find old baseball cards that you can get a whole bunch of for a dollar, then turn around and either take them to a used card shop or E-Bay and see what you can sell them for! Odds have it, it’s a heck of a lot easier than you think, and it could be a great way to make some quick cash.

No. 5 Tip for Teens to Make Money: Become a Tutor – You’ve got to have something that you’re good at in life, right? Sure, “tutoring” always sounds like something having to do with school, and it’s true that that’s a great way to make some easy money. There are always younger neighborhood kids that are going to need help in math, science, English, and social studies, and if you’re truly a master at one of those topics, go for it! However, parents want their children to learn how to play sports, how to play instruments, and all sorts of other trades! Find something that you’re good at that you know that others would love to learn from you, and pick up some very easy money by teaching them!

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High Dividend Stock Lesson: How To Make Money On REITs While the Real Estate Market is Low

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High Dividend Stock Lesson: How To Make Money On REITs While the Real Estate Market is Low: Go to your bank nowadays and ask them about a savings account or a money market account. What type of interest rate do you think you’re going to hear? Most of the big time banks on local state and regional levels are offering anywhere from 0.1% to 0.5%, and at the smallest of banks, you might be able to find a full 1.0% on your money. Or, better yet, try opening up a CD, a certificate of deposit. You’ll get the same answer of somewhere between 1.0% and 2.0% in all likelihood, and in most cases, you’ll have to keep your money tied up for long periods of time in that CD when interest rates might return.

However, not all is lost! There are definitely ways to invest your money and get a significantly better return on your investment than these ridiculously miniscule amounts of cash that the bank is giving you.

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When people hear about the stock market and investing their money in it, they tend to get scared. They don’t really see what the use is in investing in something that is as volatile as the DOW Jones, NASDAQ, or the S&P, but there are definitely some great opportunities that they are missing out on as a result.

We’ll start with REITs. A REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust, and there are dozens of them out there for you to invest in on the public market. Though man REITs are kept as private funds, many are public and can be traded. A REIT stock or fund is invested purely in real estate which, as we know, hasn’t exactly been a stellar sector of the economy over these last several years.

However, the benefit that you find often times with REITs is that they have ridiculously high dividend yields! A dividend is the cash that you get paid, either in the form of a check or in the form of capitalized stock, and it basically acts just like interest does in your bank. You can either get a check sent to you for the interest that your money is making, or you can reinvest that money and make interest on your interest.

We’ll take Main Street Capital Corp for example (NYSE Symbol: MAIN). This is a REIT based in Houston, TX, and it is one of the unique dividend paying stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. Main St. pays a monthly dividend as opposed to the normal quarterly or annual dividend of other stocks. Right now, the dividend yield is 8.72% for a dividend payable in August.

At its height, MAIN stock was at $19.98 per share. Imagine buying 100 shares of this stock and owning $2,000 in it at its highest point. At last check on Thursday, MAIN stock was selling for $17.90 per share, meaning your principal would have dipped down to $1,790. This covers a six month period. Over these six months, MAIN has paid out between 8% and 9% APY on a monthly basis, meaning you’d already have collected roughly $70 worth of dividends in this stock. Sure, when the stock is down, this isn’t such a great deal. However, over the past three years when the economy and the real estate world were at their worst, MAIN stock went from $15/share up to $19.98/share, and it never dipped lower than $9/share.

If you had invested $1,000 in MAIN stock in 2008, with the dividends and the increase in stock price, you’d be up to $1,600. If you invested that same $1,000 in the bank, you’d have roughly $1,030. In order to make that $600 worth of profit over a three year period, you would have needed to have a whopping $20,000 worth of an investment, not $1,000.

Now we’ll take another high dividend yield REIT, New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. (NASDAQ Symbol: NYMT). This stock was once upon a time way up to over $110/share in 2005 and has dipped all the way down into the $7/share range. Obviously, if you’ve been investing in real estate over the past several years, you know just how painful this has been. However, NYMT is still offering a 12% APY for dividends. And, just like Main St., New York Mortgage Trust has basically held its own over the last three years, fluctuating anywhere from $5/share to $9/share with that huge dividend yield.

The real catch here with REITs is that we know that real estate values will come back eventually. When the market was booming in 2005, New York Mortgage Trust was making money hand over fist. Imagine if you had the time to wait this out, collected your dividends, and ultimately ended up with thousands of shares of NYMT stock at over $100/share!

This certainly isn’t a “Get Rich Quick Scheme,” but it is definitely a powerful way to put some extra money in your investment portfolio in a hurry. We don’t suggest playing with the stock market if you’re short on money, but if you’ve got the investments to play with, investing in MAIN, NYMT, or some of the other REITs out there on the market with high dividend yields is a great way to bolster your portfolio!

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Missing Money Tips – How To Find Unclaimed Money

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How To Find Unclaimed Money: Millions and millions of dollars worth of unclaimed property and unclaimed money are out there in the hands of each of the 50 states and in the federal government. We’d ask the question whether you think that a piece of that might rightfully belong to you or not, but odds have it, you don’t know any better. However, just a few mouse clicks can take you to just a few dollars that you didn’t know about, or maybe even millions of dollars worth of property!

So how does this happen? Often times, insurance companies have a lot to do with this. When one of our loved ones pass away, life insurance companies often have to track down individuals to give them their settlements. Often times, you might not even know that you were the beneficiary of someone’s death benefit, and the money stays in the hands of the insurance company until you step up to claim it.

This also works with property as well. If there is a legal will or trust in place proving that you are the rightful owner of property that was handed down to you by a deceased person, all that you will have to do is find the property, dig up the terms of the will or the trust, and you could end up with a slew of property right at your fingertips that you have inherited and didn’t know anything about!

However, most of us are very aware of what we are inheriting when our loved ones end up passing away. Still, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have some money to be found out there. If you’ve ever switched banks, you might have some leftover interest floating around from a previous account that you never cashed out. Maybe somewhere along the way, you were given a checking account or a savings account by a loved one that you were never told about. Odds have it, those relatives probably forgot about it is as well, which is why the money went unclaimed.

All of this money, believe it or not, is still rightfully yours. You just have to take the initiative to go and find it!

If you are looking for unclaimed property, use the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, or the NAUPA at http://unclaimed.org.

For unclaimed money, http://www.missingmoney.com is where you want to go.

In both of these instances, all that you have to do is type in your first and last name along with your state of residence, and up will come any sources of revenue that could be yours.

This process is as quick and as easy as it gets, and if you don’t end up with any money or property coming your way, it only cost you a few seconds of your life. These databases often update monthly, so periodically, be sure to go back and check to see whether there is anything floating around out there that is rightfully your unclaimed money!

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How To Make Money By Buying and Selling Sports Memorabilia – Expert Tips and eBay Secrets

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How To Make Money By Buying and Selling Sports Memorabilia – Expert Tips and eBay Secrets: So you’re a sports fan, right? And you want to make money at home by doing virtually nothing? We’ve got just the thing for you! eBay is one of the tried and true methods of making money, and here at Make Easy Money 365, we’re going to give you a hot little tip about how to use your knowledge and love of sports to be able to make some cold hard cash without ever having to leave your computer!

There are millions of people out there right now with boxes upon boxes of baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, and a slew of other sports memorabilia that is just sitting there doing you no good. However, there are a slew of people out there that would love to have your perceived junk, and a lot of it might even be worth of good chunk of change.

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Start looking through those cards. You’d be surprised what great things you’ll find. Just over a year ago, I was able to sell just the duplicate cards that I had for a cool $642.38, net of all of the eBay fees, and that was without doing anything else whatsoever.

So I had the thought that perhaps I could find some cards floating around at garage sales or at other eBay auctions and could turn around and sell them again for a bit of a profit. At times I had success, at other times I failed. Either way, the success was limited, and I was convinced that this venture had the possibility of being incredibly valuable.

I decided that I was a smart enough sports guy to figure out what players were going to grow in popularity, and perhaps if I bought some cards and waited for these players to succeed, that perhaps I’d be able turn a huge profit margin on my investments. So I invested in cards on eBay of a few players in particular that I thought would really be able to shine this past season… Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Joe Flacco, and Byron Leftwich.

Let’s go over these names and see why I picked those in particular. Rodgers was already a great story before he won his Super Bowl, and I was determined to get in on his “stock” essentially right now before he won his ring and probably made himself a future Hall of Famer. Cutler’s valuation was low due to his terrible year with the Chicago Bears. Flacco was a man who I thought was really ready to step up this past season and lead his team to the Super Bowl. Leftwich is the interesting choice, though. He was picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers and was quarterbacking them for a short period of time while Ben Roethlisberger was suspended. Cards for the Steelers are always worthwhile, and my thought was if Leftwich would just have a few good weeks, I’d be able to turn around and sell all of those old cards of his for a profit.

Save for Rodgers, my thought really didn’t work all that well. However, the week of the Super Bowl, just the Google search for “Aaron Rodgers” was as high as could be, and as a result, the hits on eBay were just as high. I placed half of my Rodgers cards on the market the week of the Super Bowl and sold those cards for almost double what I spent on the entire set of cards combined!

Yes, timing is truly everything. Right now, if you owned Derek Jeter baseball cards, you’d be able to sell those for a mint considering that he is about to come up on his 3,000th hit. Roger Clemens is in the news as well, but for all of the wrong reasons with his perjury case. Cards with Clemens’ name on it, regardless of which uniform he is wearing in those pictures, also have an inflated value. However, with Clemens, we have to be careful. He very well might never see his popularity be higher than it is right now. Sell now, or you might forever hold your peace.

With the NFL being in the midst of a lockout, now is the time to buy while the “stock” of the NFL is as low as it has been in years. However, when the lockout is lifted and the season gets underway again, fans are a lot more likely to be buying cards and other merchandise for their favorite teams than they are right now.

Just remember that you junk is another man’s treasure! And now as a sports fan, you know exactly how to take that passion of sports and combine it into a fantastic business venture!